Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Shout-Out - All the Good Names Were Taken

Today I stopped in over at Nan's place, "All the Good Names Were Taken" and, as often happens, got my chuckle for the day - and then (via a link to an article in the Washington Post) my update on the latest heavy duty item environmentalists are tackling - toilet paper.

No, really.

Apparently, enviro's want to ban (or at least convince people not to use) soft toilet paper because it is made from old-growth trees and therefore harms the environment.

Wow. I never knew this. Until today.

Nan writes an interesting mix of political commentary, reviews of national and state parks, and other random musings, with a "liberal" dose of humor thrown in for good measure.

I don't always agree with everything Nan writes on the political front, but I agree with her a good portion of the time, and I'm often challenged to think about a new issue.

And her other items are interesting, fun, and/or funny.

You should definitely check out her blog. There's a link on the sidebar over there.

I think you'll like her.

Happy reading!


Nan said...

Thank you. I'm blushing.

♥ Braja said...

Would you mind telling me why I wasn't following you before?? No? Nothing to say? Huh! Typical....


Anonymous said...

I'm with Braja- how did I not follow this blog before today? I feel all wrong and sad about that.

Also, f-you, enviros! My nether regions require softness, and if the world has to die to accomplish that, well, that's just unfortunate.

Great blog!

Jenners said...

Oh dear ... I just don't need to worry about using toilet paper and feeling guilty about that. I'm going to pretend I didn't read this post!