Monday, May 17, 2010

I Need a New Job

I am sick to death of litigating against obnoxious attorneys.

I am sick to death of clients who don't pay.

My worst case: a client who hasn't paid since September, with the obnoxious attorney with time issues (a.k.a. "O.A.") on the other side. I receive at least three things in the mail each week in connection with this case. Generally two or three "nasty grams" - i.e., snotty-toned letters from O.A. - plus a motion, subpoena, discovery request, or notice of some sort. And all in conjunction with at least a couple of nasty emails from her, or a reasonably nice email from her legal secretary. All of which requires me to take the time to respond - time for which I likely will never get paid.

I am sick to death of worrying about how to pay this month's round of bills in this crappy economy with clients who can't collect from their clients and therefore can't pay their bills either.... including mine.

(Really. Literally. I've been sick more often in the past year than I have in my entire 40+ other years of existence. And depressed, too. I can't take it any more.)

I need a new job, and I need it now. A job that does not require litigation. A job that pays a regular paycheck. Preferably a job that involves interacting with (reasonably polite) people, but not trying to collect past-due money from them.

Anybody hiring?


SkylersDad said...

I can see how this would be so frustrating for you! Hang in there, at least until you have something better to go to.

Bella said...

If you find a profitable new venture for income let me know. I went from working in my pj's at home to management in the bigtime...

Jaime said...

i'd say hang in there...but since i just posted about how much i'm hating my job right now, it would ring a little too hollow.

i don't know that there are any non-ass holes in litigation... other than you and me, of course.

Chaka said...

If I ever figure out how to make money blogging I will let you know. I feel your pain. I hope things get better.

LOLA said...

After my sad and interesting dealings with lawyers, I appreciate seeing this job from your point of view. I bet you don't dump your clients by email. Do you?