Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Will Never Buy a Toyota Highlander

Hate is too mild a word for how I feel about those Toyota Highlander commercials with the kid who looks down his nose at other people's cars and feels sorry for the kids who have to ride in them.

Honestly, what a snob!! What an entitled, judgmental little yuppie brat!

Who the hell lets their kid dictate what kind of vehicle they drive anyway? And then puts up with snide comments from the back seat?

Shouldn't they be explaining to that little brat that it is simply wrong to judge other people based on the car they drive? That some people might not be able to afford - or simply might not choose to waste money and gasoline for - a giant new SUV with all the bells and whistles so that their (apparently only) child can ride in the lap of luxury? That kids should just be thankful they're riding instead of walking, and that they shouldn't criticize adults' decisions regarding what kind of car they drive??

Oh, wait, I forgot. The parents are probably judgmental snobs, too.

Ugh. If that's how your kids turn out when you buy a Highlander, I'll be sure I *never* buy one.

What commercials do you hate, and why?

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For those of you who haven't seen it, click here to see spoof of one of the commercials. (I can't bear to link to the actual commercial.)


Anonymous said...

I hate that commercial too. But, my all time loathing of a commercial goes to the Quiznos Toasty Torpedo commercials that came out a while ago.

SkylersDad said...

The commercials I hate are a couple of local ones for personnel injury attorney Frank Azar (sorry). But they actually show him landing at a car crash in a helicopter!

Green said...

Honestly, I barely even pay attention to commercials. I mute the tv during them because they're just noise to me.

But I will be all lightness and fairies in the midst of your hatred for snobs (which I fully support, don't get me wrong) and say that I love the Old Spice campaign. As of 1/20 they started rolling out a new slew of Youtube videos, and they're hilarious.

Scope said...

I hate the Chrysler Town & Country minivan one where Parker is "racing" home against his "friends", but is really running from a bunch of kids who want to beat his punk @$$. Don't just redub the thing, pull it off the air.

LOLA said...
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LOLA said...

O.K. Let's try again. I decided my original comment was too unkind. I don't watch many commercials thanks to my close personal friend DVR; however, I remember a Special K commercial I saw last January. A normal-sized woman sat in a child's chair (I think she was playing with her kid). She tried to get up and discovered she was stuck in the chair because she was soooooo fat. Gosh! She needed Special K to get her weight under control. But she wasn't overweight at all. It's downright dangerous to continue to promote the idea that everyone needs to be a size 0.

Infinities of love,

Nan said...

Agree about the Highlander ads. The snobbery is appalling -- that, and the suggestion that parents should do even more to encourage self-centered little snots to be self-centered little snots.

I've always hated the Special K ads, too, along with almost all the food ads (like for yogurt) that show a model who's already a twig bemoaning the fact she's fat. Can't think of a specific ad that's bugging me now except maybe the ones being run by some food trade group that's doing pre-emptive propaganda to keep soft drinks from being taxed. The ad does some spiel about "the government shouldn't try to tell us what to eat" in the hopes that people will convince lawmakers not to tax Mountain Dew or Coke. It's another one of those annoying ads that tries to make it sound like it's a grassroots ordinary citizens group when the reality is it's a front for an industry.

Gwen said...

That Highlander kid makes my blood boil.

Carol Brown said...

It is curious why brands think we will identify, if secretly, with a spoiled brat who is luxury-entitled. Maybe they are speaking to that age group of young adults who grew up thinking their parents would 'of course' pay for their education, buy them a car, and throw them an insanely expensive wedding.
Frankly, it's one of the reasons I am thankful for the recession: we are finally putting the breaks on the entitlement generation.

My pet peeves are the pharmaceutical ads. They lull you sweetly with promises of curing what ails you as long as you are good with a long list of hideous side effects and possibly death. They just sound like that old Sci-fi movie featuring 'soylent green'.

LegalMist said...

@ Carol Brown: I especially "love" the ads for antidepressants in which one of the stated side effects is "worsening depression and suicide." Nice.