Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

May you all have a healthy and prosperous year in 2012.

And may you all remember to share that good fortune with those who are less fortunate, in whatever way and with whatever time you are able.

And may that sharing, health, and financial good fortune bring you much happiness and joy.

Remember, you have only one life, and only one year 2012. Make the most of it!


Bella said...

Amen grrl! Hope yours is the best ever...mine, well as I get another year older, I'm not sure I get any wiser, but I sure have more wrinkles and headaches with management...LOL... I have missed you too! Hope all is sunshiny in the big state of AZ cause its like 8 degrees here and blizzardly cold, daggone it! Seriously I don't think there is a lot of blogging going on anywhere is taking over...LOL...and this word I had to use to verify my comment "dingence" is that the opposite of intelligence? dingence? LOL...funny!

John said...

Well said. I like the optimism. : )