Monday, May 7, 2012

PARTY!!! .... or not.....

Here is a copy of the invitation my daughter received from her friend at school (redacted to protect the guilty), about 10 days ago:

Here is the text of an email I received Friday afternoon (with identifying information removed, to protect the innocent):

I sincerely apologize for this note, but my daughter, as well as a few of her friends, took it upon themselves to creatively plan a party WITHOUT parental approval.

They got so far as to produce and hand out invitations to most, maybe all, of the 8th grade. Some of you may have received the invitation (I have yet to see it myself) inviting you or your children to our home this Sunday evening.

While we certainly enjoy hosting a party, unfortunately, it is not going to happen this time because of the manner in which it was conceived (the times, the date, the cover charge- LOL), AND, last but not least, the fact that I didn't hear about it myself until I was sent a text from another parent offering to help.

I guess there is something to laugh about and something to learn from this situation. Cheers to parenting, and I apologize again - but there is no party Sunday!

* * * * * 

First thought upon reading this email:  My daughter attends a school that is rated one of the best in the State, and yet her classmates apparently are not smart enough to wait until their parents are *out of town* to plan a party without parental approval?!?

(I am thinking Arizona is correctly ranked 41st in education nationally....)

Second thought:  "Judge not, LegalMist, lest ye be judged...."   I am *so very glad* it wasn't my kid planning the "unauthorized" party!


Cold As Heaven said...

The $3 cover charge was a creative twist >:)

Cold As Heaven

Stephen Hayes said...

Yes, I bet you're glad this wasn't your child planning this. You dodged a bullet here.

SkylersDad said...

I was raised right way back when. I only went to parties at *other* friends houses, never at my own! ;^)

Janie Junebug said...

Wouldn't those parents have had an interesting surprise if they hadn't found out about the invitation and hordes of kids had descended on their house? I'm so happy you're back. I've missed you. My blog is public again, and Lola and I are working on it together. She wrote a What? Monday question today, and I'm reviewing a book tomorrow.

Janie Lola

Scope said...

At least it's not "The Human Fund" from Seinfeld. But man, you never but anything in writing or electric. It's all word-of-mouth.

Who is teaching today's kids to be sneaky? I weep for the youth.


And routinely make sure that my 15 year old (step)daughter knows that there are no new tricks, just old ones, repackaged. (Not that she'd try a stunt like this.)

Kim Ayres said...

Truth be told, whenever my kids have done something wrong, however upset I am with them for doing the misdeed, I've always been slightly more upset that they were stupid enough to get caught.

Bella said...

that's hilarious!