Friday, November 30, 2012

Update, just in case I have any readers left...

Since the last time I posted, here is a quick summary of what has happened in my life:


* Lots of depositions have been taken, of witnesses and experts.

* Lots of disclosures and discovery documents have been drafted and updated.

* Numerous emails, letters, motions, and other litigation-related written volleys have flown across my desk and the desks of opposing counsel.

* Numerous telehone calls, with clients and with opposing counsel.

* A couple of court hearings.

* One (unsuccessful) settlement conference - it is hard to settle when the other side refuses to budge from their "$0" number.

* One (unsuccessful) attempt to submit an official bid in response to an RFP from the State for mediators.  I didn't receive the required insurance documents in time.  It didn't help that my insurer promised them weeks before, then did not timely deliver.  But the bottom line is that I should have followed up sometime before the day before the bid was due.

* Numerous job applications and a couple of interviews.  No bites so far.


* My daughter finished her first swim team season, having improved her "personal best" times substantially, and started her first-ever high school basketball season.  Turns out high school basketball is a lot more intense than junior high.  She is exhausted after every practice.  Her first game is this weekend. I am supposed to run the time clock and I am terrified of making that damn (LOUD) buzzer go off at the wrong times.

* My son got off to a good start in school this year, with his teacher saying he is a great kid and diligent worker in class (first time ever!!).  However, yesterday he complained the teacher was mean to him -- which means he probably did something annoying and got called out for it.

* Our dog, Sparky, died.  He had been losing weight over the summer, and we took him to the vet.  After several expensive vet visits, they figured out he had "tick fever."  They put him on a lengthy regimen of antibiotics and steroids, but he continued to lose weight initially.  He was skin and bones for a while, but by October he had recovered from the tick fever and was feeling happy again, and he had regained most of the weight.  Then he died suddenly, in the space of hours on October 21, from "bloat."  I had never heard of it before my poor dog died of it, but according to at least one web site, it is the second leading killer of dogs.  We are all so devastated by Sparky's death...  He was such a good friend...  I can't believe we didn't know to take him to the vet right away; we thought he just had gas and that it would pass, as it does with people.  It doesn't.  If you own a dog and don't know what bloat is, you need to learn about it RIGHT NOW.  Click on the link.

* My husband got placed on administrative leave from his job just before Thanksgiving. So far, they haven't even told him exactly why. They are "investigating." So now he is hanging around the house all day every day and I love him dearly but, being the somewhat introverted person that I am, I really crave my "personal time" that I used to have. So now I stay up until the wee hours of the morning just so I can have some quiet time in the house after everyone is asleep. And then I don't get enough sleep and I'm tired and cranky all the time. And my husband is (understandably) stressed. And so our household is a little less than fun right now.

* We had Thanksgiving dinner at our wonderful friend Sheri's house because our oven is currently not working.  We just got the stupid thing in 2003, and it's a brand that is supposed to be good, and although it wasn't the fanciest model, it wasn't the bottom of the barrel model either.  It should last longer than 9 years!  So we either need to get it repaired or replaced.  Meanwhile, we gave thanks that our friend's oven was working so that we had a wonderful home in which to cook Turkey and other Thanksgiving deliciousness and share a good meal with friends and family.

* I listened to "Alice's Restaurant" on the radio on the way to Sheri's house on Thanksgiving day and laughed for the first time since learning that my husband was on "administrative leave."  Here is a link to a video of Arlo playing the song live (the embedding feature is disabled, sorry!):

There's more.  These are just the "highlights" (or "lowlights, in some cases).

None of this explains why I haven't posted.  I just haven't felt up to writing anything that wasn't necessary for work.   I also got an iPad for my birthday.  It sucks up a lot of my time playing stupid games and writing email and surfing around on Facebook while I watch TV in the evenings.  Time I used to spend writing blog posts.  So blame Apple, if you miss me.  :)


Stephen Hayes said...

I do miss you and have been wondering where you were. It does seem like you have a lot on your plate, even if the food wasn't cooked in your own oven. I hope things settle down for you and you can take a deep relaxing breath and spend some time on yourself. Take care.

Silliyak said...


SkylersDad said...

I have missed seeing you out here. I don't blog much of interest anymore, just junk to keep the thing alive. Pretty poor showing of me.

I hope that your load at work gets a bit lighter, and that it isn't anything too serious with the hubby.

Tom said...

You still have readers. I understand if you have been busy. Everyone seems to be blogging less lately. Sorry to hear about your dog.

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

It's good to have an update! Sorry to hear about your dog and your husband's work situation. Hopefully things will look up soon!

Janie Junebug said...

I'm here! I'm here! I'm here! And I'll never leave you. I'm so sorry about Sparky, and I promise to read the information about bloat. I've never heard of it. God bless you, dear one.


Janie Junebug said...

I forgot to say that I love "Alice's Restaurant." Have you ever seen the movie? It's better if you listen to it with Arlo's commentary. He tells a very funny story about his daughter asking if he played at Woodstock. He didn't know if he had (that's how high he was). They had to rent the movie to find out if he had been there.


Scope said...

I just just wondering about you the other day. Wish things were going better, but as the old saying goes:

When you're going thru hell...


Things will get better.

Sorry you lost your Sparky. I've heard of bloat, but never with dogs. Grew up on a farm, and it was "common" with cows.

Jan said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Sparky. I've never heard of bloat but I doubt I would recognize it if it many of those symptoms can be explained away or don't seem urgent.

It seems like life goes is phases of highs and lows. Hopefully your lows will turn around soon. (((HUGS)))

Bella said...

well life does get in the way of blogging, that's for sure! I never heard of bloat so I will check it out. Sorry for your loss, both the dog and hubby's job, hope things settle into some normalcy for ya! Hugggggs!

Kim Ayres said...

I think Facebook has been one of the biggest drains on people's blogtime. I know it impacted on mine. However, I've been getting more regular with my blogs this past month or so - I'm enjoying being able to write more than a few words in a status update :)

Green said...

I am so, so sorry about your dog. I don't have one, but did look at your link and will remember the symptoms. When our dog died many moons ago, I was pleased to find out from our rabbi that there is a mourner's prayer for pets. I am also so, so sorry about your Mister's administrative leave; I can imagine how scary that must be. Fingers crossed for the Mists.

John D. said...

So sorry about Sparky. So sad. Heartbreaking. : (

LegalMist said...

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words re: Sparky. We are still missing him. He was a very special dog, and we feel lucky to have had him in our lives. Just wish I could give him one last big hug...