Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And The "Best Customer Service" Award Goes To....

...Wells Fargo Bank!

Friday afternoon, I was on my way to the bank.  I stopped at the intersection in the double-left-turn lane behind several other cars, waiting to turn left.

The light changed and the cars in the other left-turn lane got to go, but my lane did not move.  Ugh.  A broken down car was two cars ahead of me.  The turn arrow changed to red again.  Ugh.

Some people were waiting to cross the street.  They crossed to the middle of the intersection by the broken down car and began getting ready to push the broken down car through the intersection when the light changed.

And then I noticed who the people were: An elderly woman, who was getting into the car to steer it, and two younger gentlemen, probably mid-20's, wearing long-sleeve dress shirts, ties, and Wells Fargo name tags.

The Wells Fargo bank tellers had volunteered to help their customer move her car out of the busy intersection and into their parking lot.

I swear, this bank is soooo much nicer than Chase Bank!


Janie Junebug said...

I've heard some really bad things about Wells Fargo. Your post helps me feel better about them.


Stephen Hayes said...

How do you know the lady was a Wells Fargo customer?

LegalMist said...

@ Stephen Hayes -- Sort of a long story, but... As I was going into the bank, the fellow who was driving the car in front of me in the left turn lane (had been between me and the broken down car, and both of us went around it) entered the bank as I was entering. I commented how nice it was of the Wells Fargo folks to help her. He said he was really glad they were helping as it saved lots of time vs waiting for a tow truck, because he was meeting her at the bank to have some documents notarized.