Sunday, November 9, 2008

Late Breaking News - Kid's Art - "The Assassination of Lincoln"

We interrupt the fascinating saga of the Spelling Bee, to bring you this photo of LegalMist's Kid's ("LMK") famous painting, "The Assassination of Lincoln," as described in this prior post.

You can see the bad guy in the back, on the right, holding his gun. The large rectangular-ish thing between the bad guy and President Lincoln is the bullet. You can see that President Lincoln, in his top hat, looks very unhappy, perhaps because of his impending death, or perhaps he just was not enjoying the show at the theatre that evening.

This painting was done via a unique method of putting colors on the page, then painting the entire thing in black paint, then scratching off the top layer of black paint (a form of "etching") to create the masterpiece. Quite a complicated process when you're five years old.

At the end of his art class (yesterday was the last day), his teachers thanked me for allowing LMK to participate in the class. Apparently he gave them quite a few memories to last a lifetime....

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Johnny Yen said...

Wow! It's as if I were there!

I have a number of "projects" from when my son was little that I've saved. One of them is his rendering of one of the giant ants from his childhood favorite movie Them!. I posted about it here.