Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pulitzer Project - Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert:

As explained in a prior post, I am (slowly) reading through all of the Pulitzer prize winning novels, and providing "book reviews" which reflect my humble opinion of the relative merits of the books. Because these books have been reviewed numerous times already by professionals (and, indeed, have been deemed so fantastic that they’ve won a prize), I don’t expect that my opinion will heavily influence the historical debate over the merits of these books. In other words, this is just for fun.

In line with my goal of making this "fun" (and being a lawyer and finding it "fun" to debate things) I’d love to start a mini-debate here in the blog. If you’ve read any of these books (or seen the movies based upon them, if applicable), please weigh in with your opinion about the book and/or the movie. If you agree or disagree with something I’ve said about a book, by all means, tell me. If the movie does it better, or worse, tell me. If you disagree with what another commenter has said about the book or the movie, let us know! But please, read the rules for discussion before commenting, and be kind.

Also in line with the goal of making the discussions fun and lively and generally unconstrained:

All aspects of the book will be open to discussion, including important turning points, surprise endings, and other typical "spoiler" material.

So, if you haven’t read the book or haven’t seen the movie and you want to read it or see it with all of its surprises intact, do not read my review or the comments!


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Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

wow, all Pulitzers? Good luck! I could never complete a reading challenge, I am afraid.