Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm back, with yet another smarty pants kid story...

Wow. I was gone a while, wasn't I?

I even lost a "follower" while I was gone.

Bummer. I hate to disappoint people so badly.

I'm sorry I was AWOL for so long. It was a busy week. My sister in law had surgery and needed some assistance, then my brother in law was visiting from California, plus it was the week before Spring Break which means we had to attend parent-teacher conferences for the kids, and my husband, who is a teacher, had to stay late at school to conduct parent-teacher conferences for the kids in his class, leaving me in charge of the entire evening routine with our kids. And the kids and I are spending Spring Break in Virginia with the grandparents, so there were loads of laundry to do and lots of packing happening to get ready for the trip.

And I do mean lots of packing.

The average temperature in Virginia in March is, by Phoenix standards, very cold. Which means we had to bring our sweaters and heavy jackets and long pants. But this weekend, it is in the 70's (low 80's today, I think), so we also had to bring some warm-weather clothes. And enough of both to get through the week so we don't have to spend our time here doing laundry.

But hey, I'm back now, and I'll try to provide a little entertainment this week. So if you un-followed me (you know who you are!), I hope you'll come back. I miss you already....

I'm going to start the week off with yet another annoying smart-alec kid story.

(Depending on the level of your interest in these stories, you may feel free to interpret that as "annoying story about a smart-alec kid" or "(amusing) story about an annoying smart-alec kid" Your choice.)

Why another smart-alec kid story? Because my kids have been in rare smarty-pants form these past few weeks. I hope it's not because they are reading my blog and thinking I am amused by their sarcastic and completely disrespectful remarks. (Because I am, but I don't want them to know that!)

And tomorrow I'll move on to other topics for the rest of the week, I promise!

My daughter, despite being a master smarty-pants, has her teachers pretty well fooled. They always seem to think she is a polite, well-behaved child.

So last week, on the way home from yet another parent-teacher conference in which the teacher pronounced my daughter a "delight" to have in class, my husband was teasing my daughter, saying that she really ought to do something bad at school (you know, like she does at home) so we'd have something to talk about at these parent-teacher conferences, because he was bored and a little annoyed with always hearing about her great attitude and great behavior.

She said, "You are so nefarious."

Husband said, "What do you mean, I'm 'nefarious'? I don't sleep late!"

She said, in a tone that implied that she thought, but simply could not believe, that her father wasn't kidding and really did not know what such a "simple" word meant: "No, it's not about sleeping! It means 'wicked' or 'villainous.' It was our 'word of the day' at school last week."

Husband replied, "Ooooh, so now you think you're better than me, with your big twenty-five cent vocabulary words!"

She said, "No, I thought I was better than you even before I started using big twenty-five cent vocabulary words!"


See what I mean? Smarty pants. I can hardly wait until she's a teenager.


And honestly, I have no idea where she learned to be so sarcastic... no idea at all...



SkylersDad said...

Oh snap! (isn't that what the cools kids all say?)

Lisa said...

Lost a follower? That's just mean! Ouch... poor honey. :(

I hate to say it but your daughter is pretty funny. ;)

Angie said...

Welcome back! That's hilarious. Zing!

Johnny Yen said...

Oh, just you wait. I got a call from my wife today-- she got a call from 12-year-old stepdaughter's teacher with a laundry list, none of them good. One of the main ones is her new propensity to be a smartass.

karin said...

As long as it is all in good fun! It's good for her to be sharp and quick witted and home is the best place to hone these skills. I can tell you are enjoying your kids; they leave home far too fast.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Boy are you in trouble in a couple of years. Believe me, I know from first hand experience!