Friday, March 13, 2009

A Superhero Breaks His Arm

A few days ago, my little guy (also known as "Spider-Bat-Super-PowerRanger-Man") fell off the rope swing here at Grandpa's house, possibly while battling the overwhelming forces of evil (or maybe because his sister tried to push him too high on the swing). He cried for a few minutes, and I looked at his arm. It was tender -- possibly bruised? -- but then he went back to playing and seemed to feel fine.

Certainly SpiderBatSuperPowerRanger Man would not admit that his arm bothered him. He had evil dudes to fight!

The next day, he complained a few times about it hurting, and even cried once, when he bumped it or leaned on it, but mostly seemed fine -- again, running and playing and using his arm.

Day after that, same thing.

Yesterday, the arm was still bothering him, so I took him to the urgent care center. Turns out SpiderBatSuperPowerRanger Man has a "buckle fracture" of his arm. The doctor described it as being "like if you bent a chicken bone back and forth, but it didn't break."


Long story short, he'll need a cast, which we'll get after we return to the location of our insurer's "in-network providers" --i.e., Arizona -- on Monday, after school.

They put a splint on it for now, which he has to wear until they remove it to put on the cast.

Wish him luck for a quick and complete arm recovery. He is worried he won't be a very effective superhero with a cast on his arm. ("But Mom! How will I shoot my spider-webs?!")



SkylersDad said...

What a tough little super hero!

Karin said...

Awwwwww - I'm so sorry he hurt his arm. Best wishes for him to get well soon!

Angie said...

Poor dude. I'm sure he'll have a super speedy recovery. ;)

Fancy Schmancy said...

I'm assuming he has a cast already on his web-throwing arm, so I'm going to send best wishes for accurate web-throwing. Hope the little spider is doing well!