Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Feature - Some Days It's Not Worth Chewing Through The Leather Straps

This week's featured blog is "Some Days It's Not Worth Chewing Through The Leather Straps," written by Skyler's Dad. Most of my readers already know Skyler's Dad, but for any new readers and/or any long-time readers who don't know him, you should!

SkyDad's blog is one of my perennial favorites because it has it all: laughs; Bad Tat Tuesdays (these regular features will make you laugh, cringe, squirm, and laugh again!); funny and/or touching stories about his life and his son's life challenges; random funny, strange, and/or crude videos, photos, ads, and other information gathered from around the internet; excerpts of well-written stories by other authors that will make you laugh and/or cry; and then some more laughs.

Plus, Skyler's Dad loves to leave hilarious and/or sensitive and kind comments on other blogs, so he gets extra credit for being a great blog-friend and frequent commenter, as well.

Here is a sampling of links for you to check out:

* A link to a recent "Bad Tat Tuesday" feature;

* A link to a post about navigating around town in a wheelchair overseas that will make you laugh inadvertently even while you scratch your head and wonder, what were they thinking?!?, and will give you a new appreciation for our Americans With Disabilities Act and other accessibility laws in the good ol' USA;

* A link to a post that will make you smile;

* A link to a post that will make you think; and

* A link to a recent funny but somewhat disturbing, crude, and definitely NSFW post (don't click if you are easily offended).

Click on them, and then click around Sky-Dad's site. I bet you'll like some or all of what you see there. [See footnote below]

Go on! Go check out the goods!

* * *
Footnote (because I'm a lawyer, that's why):

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: You have to be careful when clicking at work. SkyDad sometimes posts things that are "Not Safe For Work." He usually warns you about any links or videos that are "NSFW" -- but still, don't click too randomly while you're at work!


SkylersDad said...

You are so very kind to give me a shout-out to my blog. I am sure your readers will go click on over and then wonder why on earth I haven't been locked up as a menace to society?

LegalMist said...

SkyDad - You're right, you know. I'm sure productivity is down at least 1% due to the ongoing hilarity and irresistable draw of your blog. :)

Raine said...

Thanks for introducing me to yet another great blog!