Thursday, October 1, 2009

Something New Tomorrow: "Friday Feature"

Tomorrow, I'm starting a series here on LegalMist: "Friday Feature" -- in which each week I will spotlight one of my favorite blogs around the web.

There are hundreds, thousands even, of great blogs out there. I read some of them, and I want you to check them out, too. I know you could click on the little avatars under my "followers" widget, or on one of the links in the blogroll my sidebar, but sometimes my blogroll isn't updated and sometimes it's not easy to find a link to one of the "followers." And sometimes a blog's title, or that day's post, doesn't fully reflect the fabulousness that is the blog itself.

So, I thought it might be fun to do a weekly series that gives a little more information about the blog than just the blog title. I'll include a description of the blog, along with a link to either a recent post or to one of my favorite posts.

Now, don't be upset if you're not first in line. It will take months - possibly years - for me to get through all my favorites one week at a time. And the order in which you appear means nothing about whether I like you better than some other blogger. If I write about you this week, it just means I particularly liked one of your posts or I randomly picked you to be next. If I didn't write about you this week, but you're in my link list or one of my followers, I'll likely get to you in a few weeks or months.

Many of you are already familiar with each other, but some of my readers may not be familiar with your blogs, and on the off chance that I have a new reader who hasn't read your fantastic blog yet, I want to send them your way. Not that you should expect a huge "bump" in readership from my little blog - it won't be at all the same as if you were to make the "blogs of note" list one day! But I want to do my part to encourage and highlight some of the best bloggers out there. And I want to say a public "thanks" to those of you who entertain me whenever I need a break from work or from the hectic pace of my life.

If you want to point me to a great blog that you love (or that you write), please feel welcome to leave a link in my comment section. I'll check it out when I have time, and perhaps I'll add the blog to my blogroll and/or spotlight it in a future Friday Feature.

Happy Reading, everyone!


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Please, please check out my anonomyous friend over at

The guy's a genius, really

Gaston Studio said...

Fabulous! Since David at Authorblog won't be doing his POTD anymore, I'm glad someone is sort of taking up the baton because I always find fantastic bloggers to read and follow. Good on you! I'll be contributing/nominating regularly.

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

Sounds fun!

Raine said...

Cool - I like reading new blogs!