Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The World Is Full of Them

Ignorant (new) judge made a stupid and legally incorrect ruling this morning in one of my cases. Which will require my client to either lose money she is entitled to, or to spend money she does not have, to appeal the stupid and legally incorrect ruling. She likely will not be able to afford the appeal, in part because she won't get the money she is entitled to because of the stupid ruling by the ignorant judge.

Which just happened to remind me of one of my favorite song lyrics ever:

"Everybody knows, the world is full of stupid people..."

--The Refreshments

Truer words have never been spoken (nor sung).

Here is a video I found on YouTube from a concert here in Arizona, by the Arizona band "The Refreshments" (not to be confused with the Swedish band by the same name), recorded the year my daughter was born.

Little known fact: The Refreshments (the Arizona band) wrote the theme song to "King of the Hill," the long-running (recently cancelled) animated series on FOX, created by Mike Judge.

Another little known fact: King of the Hill was a spinoff from the MTV animated series, Beavis & Butthead. Mr. Hill was a character on that show.



Silliyak said...

I read this on another blog recently, it may fit.
Albert Einstein : The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

Did you try STRENUOUSLY objecting,ALA "A Few Good Men" ?

Scope said...

Was the new judge's name "Mike", because having "Judge Mike" and "Mike Judge" in the same blog post would be ...


Sorry your client got screwed.

Suzy said...

Jeez, care to share what the stupid ruling was? Sorry for your client.

LOLA said...

Yes, the world is full of stupid people, including me much of the time. To quote the late great Jim Morrison, perhaps not accurately because I'm not too bright: "I drink because I have to talk to assholes. Including me." Stupid is as stupid does.