Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Oral Surgeon, or, Dental Doozies, Part III

So I went to see the Oral Surgeon.

Her assistant was much nicer than the endodontist's assistant. She broke the ice by telling me I look like Sandra Bullock. Yeah, I've heard that once or twice before. (I wonder if Sandra has had a root canal?)

But then she asked the strangest question: "So, you want to have number 19 removed?"

"Want" might be phrasing that a little badly. No, what I "want" is for my tooth to be fine and not need any more dental work. What I "want" is to travel back in time, to whenever it was that I did whatever thing I did that cracked the tooth, and to not do that thing.

But since that's not possible, and since the endodontist seemed to be recommending removal, then I'm willing to do it.

So I said, "Well... want? No, not really. But if it's what's recommended...."

She asked a few other questions. I asked a few questions - like, how do they get that tooth out? It has so many curved roots. Do they have to cut the bone?

"Oh, no," she said, "usually they just pull them right out."

The Oral Surgeon came in and shook my hand and told me all about the complications you can get with tooth extractions.

Then she explained the general procedure which, she said, in a tooth that has had a root canal, usually requires cutting into the bone because they tend to just fracture and fall apart.

(What is it with these dental assistants? At least this one was pleasant - and she told me I looked like a movie star! - but her information was all wrong... )

So I asked the oral surgeon whether she thought extraction was the best option for that tooth. I guess that's like asking a hammer if we should use a nail instead of a screw. Predictably, she said yes.

So now I am wondering if I should get a second opinion before having the tooth removed.


LOLA said...

How did you find the oral surgeon and endotheworlddontist? From your dentist? From a friend? If it were me, although I most definitely do not look like Sandra Bullock and I'm kinda jealous about you getting that comment, I would ask my most trusted friends, Do you have an oral surgeon you love? Oh how I wish we were in Maryland, where we had the most wonderful oral surgeon for our daughter; he was so knowledgeable and cute. And I loved the people who worked for him. But, ah, I digress. My daughter also says to demand to know the technical name of the toothpick thingy. Your own dentist might be able to tell you. Once we have the technical name, then we can find out how it works (but I'm still placing my bet on near-infrared light for now).
Infinities of love,

bettyl said...

Sounds like you have the right idea--get another opinion.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Legal, I am referring this one to my blogger dental expert, The Dental maven.

Mave is not only one of my most favorite bloggers, she know about teeth. I'm going to drop her a comment about this.

Prunella Jones said...

Arrrgh, I hate dentists! My cavities just twanged in sympathy for you.

You should get a second opinion for sure. After all, you can't undo a tooth pullin'.

Quilter422 said...

so totally recommending a second opinion. as you know i am a dental wimp. i have discovered a great dentist here who handles my fears well. i had a route canal 2 years ago, and it was nowhere near the horror you have described.