Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Feature - Women: We Shall Overcome

A couple of days ago, I was practically begging for you all to stick around, heaping piles of praise onto you all for being such great bloggers and doing such a fine job entertaining me. But today, I'm sending you away. I want you to go check out a blog I enjoy -- "Women: We Shall Overcome," written by Lola, who always sends her infinities of love, except when she just sends her love.

She's quirky and fun, and has a good sense of humor which will keep you smiling even when she's ranting or complaining, which isn't all that often (even though she has plenty she *could* complain about) -- you're more likely to find a book or movie review or an interesting tale or a funny joke. I like Lola because she is one of those bloggers who shares her inner thoughts, her life ... a bit of herself ... along with her opinions and musings.

Here is her own description: "I'm a Dog fearin' dyslexic Christian woman in the middle of a surprise divorce after 30 years of marriage. Maybe my husband didn't want me anymore because I had that little surgery that makes me look so much like Johnny Depp."

She doesn't post daily - usually just a couple of times per week - so if you are looking for someone to entertain you every single day, this is not the place for you. But she has a unique voice, interesting perspectives, and a fun outlook that I look forward to reading. Here are a few posts I've particularly enjoyed:

"I'm a Loser Baby So Why Don'tcha Kill Me"

"Curtain Rods: Priceless"

"My Kid Could Paint That"

OK, so go away now and read a few posts by Lola, and then stop back by and let me know what you think.

Happy Friday, dear bloggy friends, Happy Friday.


LOLA said...

Dear LegalMist,

I visited Women:We Shall Overcome and was overcome by all the wit and intelligence. Thank you for recommending Lola.

Infinities of love,
John Doe

LegalMist said...

John Doe: see what I mean? She just cracks me up!

LOLA said...

Although your readers have not been very obedient about returning to tell you how much they love WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME, I have had 31 hits from people who first visited LegalMist. My most popular post is Dumpy Men With Skinny Wives. Thank you again for sending readers my way. I have been perusing my stats and I am quite surprised by my popularity in South Korea and Latvia.
Infinities of love,