Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

I have an uncle who lives, with his wife and two kids (one now at the University), in Japan, about 20 miles or so from Tokyo. So when I awoke this morning to stories of a huge earthquake off the coast of Japan and tsunami waves causing massive destruction along some coastal areas, I was worried.

After a couple of hours of searching the internet, I found a couple of news reports and a blog about my uncle's town. It appears that the area where he lives was hit pretty hard, but not devastatingly so. There are lots of broken windows, shelves toppled in stores, many buildings damaged and some ruined, bridges damaged, some roads probably impassable, and of course there were power outages -- but it appears, thankfully, the area was not one of the worst hit. Most buildings remained standing, as far as I can tell. It is far enough inland that I think they won't have any tsunami waves. I am so thankful that it appears they will be ok.

Interesting, isn't it? I woke this morning to terrible news of a huge earthquake and tsunami across the world and immediately began to worry about my family there. Within a very short time, though, I was able to find information on the internet that, at least for now, is easing my worries. I love the internet!

Here is a link to Google's person finder, in case you, too, have friends or relatives currently in the area hit by the earthquake or tsunamis in Japan:

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On a lighter note, it appears the tsunami has not caused widespread damage in Hawaii, and the warnings for the western U.S. have been downgraded to tsunami watches in most areas.

And so I am reminded of my one personal experience with a tsunami warning -- click here to read about it, and scroll down to number 1 in the list.

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Update: just before I hit "post," I got word from my uncle in Japan -- he and his family are fine; their house is fine; the city is damaged but not destroyed. Telephones -- another miracle of modern life!


Tom said...

It is amazing how technology can bring people on opposite sides of the world together so quickly. I'm glad your relatives are well and I hope the people of Japan can rebound quickly from all the desctruction.

SkylersDad said...

Glad to hear your family over there is doing well.

Silliyak said...

About the time the tsunami warning jokes started here in CA, Mother nature is reminding us who's in charge. Crescent City and The harbor in Santa Cruz are continuing to have problems with ongoing surges. Some loss of life in Crescent City and damage to houses. It's amazing that at this hour 1pm locally, it's STILL happening! But I still have faith that somewhere, someone is trying to figure out how to blame Obama.

Cora said...

I've been glued to CNN most of the day. So sad.

Glad your family is okay!