Friday, November 11, 2011


If you are reading this just as it is posted, it is now 11:11, 11/11/11 -- also known as 5-11. If you missed this in the morning, no worries. Just check your watch again tonight at 11:11 p.m. It'll be 5-11 again!

If you like to count seconds, or if you are "into" symmetry, then at eleven seconds past 11:11 a.m. or p.m., you can make it a very symmetrical 11:11:11, 11/11/11. I guess that would be 6-11.

And if you want to be even more neurotic, then at 11:11 and 11 seconds on 11/11/1111, we could have called it 7-11, except that back then they probably didn't measure seconds quite so much... and besides, there's already a convenience store by that name and there might be trademark infringement issues if we go that route.

I'm sure you've all read similar stories already today. I could have posted this in January or last week, but I wanted to post it at the magical 5-11 time. So, sorry if it's old news by now!


All nonsense aside, please remember to thank a veteran for his or her service on this extra-special Veterans' Day!


LOLA said...

Neurotic? Are you accusing me of being neurotic? Just because I have a little problem with OCD and I become obsessed with certain things, it doesn't mean I'm neurotic. I need to take my medication now.


danneromero said...

first 5-11 story i've heard..not neurotic, it's actually interesting...
i hadn't even thought about it..
now i will be awake at 11:11 just to witness the magic.... :D

Scope said...

We thought alike!

SkylersDad said...

Nigel Tufnel applauds you.