Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crocodile Rocks in My Head

Warning (also known as legal mumbo jumbo): Do Not Click the Play Buttons Below, unless you also want Crocodile Rocks in your head...

Then again, I have the technological savvy of a potato (or, in Dan Quayle's spelling, a "potatoe"), so it may not even be possible to click the play buttons below and have anything at all happen. We'll see.

Lately, I have this early 1970's song stuck in my head: Crocodile Rock by Elton John. Especially the line, "I never knew me a better time and I guess I never will." Not sure why it's stuck in my head. Possibly because some numb-nut hummed it in line a few days ago at the Gold Bar Espresso (best coffee shop in the world). Or possibly it's some sort of mid-life crisis. Anyway, there it is, blocking out all my attempts to come up with a more exciting topic for a blog post.

So, for those of you who might like to have the song stuck in your head, too, I've helpfully embedded the YouTube links to two different video clips with this song.

The first selection is a black and white video clip of Elton and Band playing "live" (although it may well have been lip-synched / mimed) on an Italian tv show. The first two and a half minutes is a clip of the host speaking in Italian and acting befuddled at Elton and the band's English responses and inability to speak Italian, and then bringing in someone to "translate" for him. The Italian tv crowd (or the laugh track) laughs uproariously at these antics. I found it tedious. Either I have no sense of humor, or 1970's Italian tv just wasn't funny. One of those - you decide. Or, if you want just the music, skip to about 2:38 on the video and start there. I liked this video, though, because EJ's outfit is just priceless. Particularly the platform heels and the shiny striped pants.

The second clip is a photo montage tribute to the Crocodile Hunter (subject of some future blog, possibly), set to the Crocodile Rock song. I liked it because I think the photos capture quite well both the upbeat exuberance and the melancholy nostalgia of the song.

Happy viewing. my three faithful readers!


Green said...

I watched the Steve Irwin one and what really struck me was that although his love for animals was able to shine through, while some loved him back, he was was also very clearly invading their territory and it makes me sad that I think that's what ultimately led to his death.

LegalMist said...

I agree. I have mixed feelings about the Crocodile Hunter (that's why I said I might blog about him sometime in the future). He certainly had a joyous & adventurous spirit, and loved the creatures he handled, but.... well, in my mind there's a reason we don't keep crocodiles as pets ... or swim with stingrays. We'll save it for another day, though. Hope you enjoyed the videos, anyway! (And thanks for reading!)

Dr Zibbs said...

I like Elton John but always hated that song.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Thank you, because I had never seen that before. I cried when I heard that he died.

I had always wanted to be a wild life rehabilitator, but it just wasn't in the cards for me. I lived vicariously through him - every day on Animal Planet. I truly thought he was amazing. And from what I hear, he really was larger than life.

I have cousins in Australia, and they agree that he was thought to be an embarrassment, an over the top caricature, until he died. Then they realized what a national treasure he was.

When you choose to push your life outside the edges of the box, you are courting extra danger. He had often said, "I know that when one of these crocs get me, someone is going to say - I told you so".

No one anywhere ever would have guessed it would be a random sting-ray barb to his heart.