Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kid Wisdom

We're on one of our vacations. The internet access at this hotel is spotty at best. It disconnects randomly and with no warning, so this will have to be short. I'll just share with you the "wisdom" from my babe's mouth... Then in a couple of days when we're home again, I'll write something longer and more interesting, I promise.

We're vacationing in a small town in the mountains, about 3-4 hours from our home.

We intended to leave our house in time to arrive by 7 p.m., so that we could check in and then have a late dinner in one of our favorite restaurants on the mountain. We left the house at 6 p.m. This was mostly my fault. I wasn't ready at 3 p.m. I was, in fact, still working until 4 p.m., still packing until 5 p.m., and still running errands until 6 p.m.

So, we left at 6. My husband was doing a fine job of not complaining about leaving so much later than we planned. But I knew, without him saying so, that he was disappointed and somewhat sad that we did not arrive in our fun mountain town in time to have dinner there, and had to settle for the golden arches on the way up the mountain.

Halfway up the mountain, it was pitch dark and we couldn't see much of anything other than the tail lights on the cars in front of us, and there weren't even many of those. My youngest, with no prompting from the dear husband asked, in his "I'm trying not to whine but this is really hard" voice, "Why is it dark and we're still driving?"

It was exactly what my husband wished he could have asked.... and probably in the same tone of voice he would have used if he had asked. We both laughed. It broke the tension that we hadn't even realized was there. Kids. Ya gotta love 'em.

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