Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wishing Well

Yesterday, my five year old came to me with a large plastic cup half-filled with water and a handful of pennies, and directed me to "throw the money in the money well" and my wish would come true. So I tossed in the coins and...

"What did you wish for, Mommy?"

"If I tell you, will my wish come true?"


"Oh, that's great, because I was just wishing your room would be clean!"

. . . . .

Apparently this is an example of why the kids call me "Mommy no-fun" and my husband accuses me of being out to get them all with my "legal mumbo-jumbo."


Fancy Schmancy said...

What a concidence, I have the same Mom sense of humor, and my son doesn't think I'm funny either.

LegalMist said...

Post Script, for those of you who were waiting with anticipation to learn whether my wish did, in fact, come true.... No, it did not. The room still looks like New Orleans after Katrina -- in other words, total chaos. (Yes, I know there have been more recent hurricanes, but it simply does not resemble Galveston after Ike - that would be more akin to "everything swept clean away" and might even indicate a relatively neat, if perhaps a bit barren, room....)