Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Fine Parenting Moment

My (6 year old) son, known here as "LMS" (LegalMist's Son) pitched a fit yesterday evening when I asked him to turn down the volume on the television, so I told him he could not watch television for the rest of the night.

Later, after we walked the dog, my husband came in and flipped on the television. My son sat down to have a banana and watch it with him.

Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: "LMS, I thought I said no more television for you tonight."

LMS: "But mom...!"

LegalMist's Husband ("LMH"): "Oh, come on, he's just watching what I'm watching while he eats his banana. I don't want to have to turn it off just because you said he can't watch it."

Me: "I didn't say you had to turn it off; I said he's not supposed to be watching it. He could eat in the other room."

LMH: (Somewhat sarcastically) "All right, all right. LMS, turn around and face the other way. We wouldn't want you to get any entertainment value out of watching the weather report, now would we?"...

and then, seeing that I wasn't laughing,

"Oh, uh..... oops. Uh.... What I meant to say was, "You look beautiful tonight!"..."

Me: No verbal response. Just the patented LegalMist soul-chilling stare, designed to prompt him to back me up on the "no tv" decree.

LMS: (Finishing his banana and leaving the room quickly) "You are SOOO dead, Dad!"

He's rather perceptive for one so young, isn't he?


Raine said...

One reason I am glad to be a single mom! :D

Kim Ayres said...

Amazing how perceptive kids can be sometimes :)

Fancy Schmancy said...

Did you have to ground the hubs off the tv for the rest of the night, too? Too funny!

Gaston Studio said...

Yep, VERY perceptive!

Laura said...

Ooooohhh - LMH is totally in trouble!

Gertrude Groggins - said...

I think his dad might need to take a lesson from him on being perceptive.
Man, I HATE it when I get undermined in the discipline department!

JennyMac said...

HAHAHA. I love this. And tell me about the soul-chilling stare. Need one of those pronto.

Bella said...

and he will grow up to a great prosecutor!

Quilter422 said...

Men! They're all the same. Oh, well, it gives us all great stories to tell and read!