Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy's legacy

I just heard the news about Ted Kennedy's death. I hadn't watched the news on television since Monday. I had pre-scheduled my earlier post for today, so I hadn't been online today, either.

Ted Kennedy was not a perfect person. Certainly leaving the scene of an accident in which a young woman died was irresponsible and wrong. He had other incidents later in life, too - he was not a saint, but a flawed human being. He suffered his share of loss, and caused his share of heartbreak.

And he tried hard to redeem himself after the Chappaquiddick disaster. He worked hard for decades on behalf of the underprivileged in America. He was one of the few very wealthy persons in America who seemed to truly understand what it might be like to be born into a family that lacked material wealth and the privileges that come with it, such as access to health care and a decent salary for your labor. He worked hard to try to ensure that every person in America, not just the wealthy ones, could see a doctor for medical care when needed.

I hope that his work will not have been in vain. Tomorrow I'll post my thoughts on the health care debate. Meanwhile, my heart goes out to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.


Prunella Jones said...

I bet quite a few beer glasses will be hoisted for him tonight in Boston.

Raine said...

Well spoken (or typed - you know what i mean). He will be missed.

cant wait for your health care opinions! Did you read mine?

Peggy said...

Ted Kennedy was known as the Lion of the Senate ...loved by conservtives and liberals equally.
He will be missed!

Gaston Studio said...

Loved your post and I, too, hope his efforts won't have been in vain.