Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Am Raising A Junior Lawyer (formerly known as a "Smarty Pants")

Here is the note that was sent home from my son's ("LegalMist's Son," aka "LMS") Kindergarten class last week:

"Please keep LMS's gloves at home. He plays during class with them. Thank you."

Here is the conversation I had with LMS this morning as we prepared to leave for school:

"Buddy, your teacher sent a note home with you last week, didn't she?"


"Do you remember what it was about?"

(Sadly) "Yes. I can't take my gloves to school any more."

"Do you remember why?"

(Looking down, fidgeting, talking softly). "Because I was playing with them in class."

"That's right. So, I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave those home today."

(Defiantly) "These? But, mommy ... no! These aren't gloves, they're mittens!"

* * *

Do you think his teacher will appreciate that bit of legal mumbo jumbo?



SkylersDad said...

Well played LM's son!

Son of a Thomas said...

He could have argued that he would hold her liable for his frostbite.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

That was WAY SO cute! You have taught him well!!

Kim Ayres said...

Ah well, at least he didn't say, "These? But Mommy...no! These aren't my gloves!"

Fancy Schmancy said...

Oh, too cute. My son's kindergarten teacher asked that he leave his umbrella at home because he was poking people with it, which he adamantly denied. Years later he fessed up to the crime, snickering about it...

The Grandpa said...

He wins. Aren't kids great? I gave you a shout out today.