Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Very Charming Award

I got another fine award, this time from my bloggy pal Jenners, over at Find Your Next Book Here. Look, isn't it beautiful!?

She received the award (congratulations, by the way!) from Cathy over at Kittling: Books, which is where I found the official description of the award, which is as follows:

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

This is not the first award I've received that says it is being given only to bloggers who "are not interested in self-aggrandizement" (or words to that effect). But it always strikes me as a little odd to give an award only to those who, if they truly met the criteria for the award, would not be interested in receiving it. I mean, it seems (to me) pretty clear that those of us who are writing things and hoping others will read them and/or who are at all interested in receiving a blog award, must be at least a little "interested in self-aggrandizement."
Put another way, if one were completely uninterested in self-aggrandizement, one likely would not be blogging (a private blog, with no one invited to read it, perhaps, or a hand-written journal would suffice, right?), and certainly would never accept an award. But then that would defeat the purpose of the award, right? Or maybe I am over-analyzing things, as seems to be my habit.
In any event, "charming" seems to me to be the key, here. So, thank you, Jenners, for calling my blog "charming." I'm smiling now!

Moreover, since this beautiful award was delivered to me without the instructions to deliver it to only 8 bloggers, and since it is so hard to pick and choose only 8 bloggy pals, I'm going to change the rules a bit, as is my custom. (Be forewarned, if you give me an award I am highly unlikely to follow your rules as written!).

I hereby select as recipients of this award *all* of my faithful followers. I click on your little avatars over there and read your blogs, too, and have found all of you to be charming.

As a bonus, if you are not already one of my charming followers but you want me to bestow this award upon you, all you have to do is have a "charming" blog, and then click on that little "followers" icon over there in the side bar. We're on the honor system, here. If your blog isn't charming, don't click over there just so you can receive the award. (But feel free to be a "follower" anyway, if you like.)

(Yes, since you asked, I'm quite sure your blog is charming. Yes, yours too. And yours. But maybe not yours... oh, ok, yes, I see it now, very charming, in its own way .... )

And then, once you have accepted your award, all you have to do is post the lovely little award picture on your blog. You may then deliver it to 8 of your bloggy pals, or 23 of them, or 2 of them, or all of them, or even none of them -- whatever you want to do. Enjoy!

And of course, if you have already received this award, or if you truly are so uninterested in self-aggrandizement that you wish to decline it, no worries. You don't need to "un-follow" me (please don't "un-follow" me! I'll miss you too much!) to avoid this award. You can just pretend your blog isn't charming (even though it is) and that I didn't mean *you* when I gave the award to all of my charming followers.



Just A Chic... said...

I'm not much on awards, neither do I find myself to be charming but congrats to you! ;-)

Bella@That damn expat said...

Crazy lawyer lady. I always get lost in your descriptions and find myself amazed at how thorough you are at everything you do.

You are awesome! And you make all us slackers proud.

karin said...

My thoughts exactly on the self-aggrandizement part, lol. I think one could certainly other things besides blogging though, if one was seeking aggrandizement. I'm delighted to read other people's blogs and if some are blessed when they read mine, that's an added bonus!
Congrats on being bestowed with an award!

Jenners said...

You are so funny! And what a lazy award give I am! You had to look up the description yourself! I am very conflicted about awards, actually. I think it is lovely when someone singles you out, but I hate all the rules and strings attached and all that jazz. I usually change up the rules or ignore them all together! But I must give you more awards if you are going to be all funny like this! : )

Peggy said... are very charming and funny and smart...ok that's enough!
I love your take on receiving this award ...

LegalMist said...

Just a Chic -- even your blog's *name* is charming, and that photo of your daughter, well, if that isn't charming I don't even know how you'd define charming! But, hey, there's no obligation to accept the award, even though your complete lack of interest in self-aggrandizement through award-accepting shows that you should, in fact, receive it.... ay yi yi, this award will be the death of me!

Bella -- "thorough" - yes, that's the adjective I was hoping for, as opposed to, say, "neurotic." Thanks! :) (And I'd encourage you to accept the award, but I happen to know you've already received one, Ms. Bella "Charming" Expat.)

Karin -- yours is definitely a "charming" blog, so if you haven't accepted this award yet, you should do so!

Jenners -- thank you again for the blog award. I love cheap thrills, cheap laughs, and fellow bloggers who tell me how much they love me. You're the best!

Peggy -- wow, you're really feeding my ego now! If I wasn't "into" self-aggrandizement before, I will be after all these great compliments. My ego is growing by the minute... And, by the way, your blog is charming, too, so you should definitely accept this award if you haven't already.

Thanks to all who took the time to read and comment. You are awesome.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Well deserved, you ARE charming, and adorable, and intelligent, and funny. I could go on and on, but I know you don't like that self-aggrandizement crap...