Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again

My husband and daughter left about a week ago to go camping by the beach on Catalina Island, scheduled to return late tomorrow night. I talked to them by phone a couple of times since they left, and they've had lots of fun fishing, playing in the surf at the beach, swimming, snorkling, building sand castles, hiking, biking, playing cards by the evening light, enjoying the vast numbers of stars in the night sky...

They also had an unfortunate incident in which a critter ate all their chocolate Poptarts. So much for breakfast!

So two nights ago, I heard the door open at around 1:00 a.m. I sat up in bed, in a bit of a panic wondering who it could be and freaking out thinking I must have forgotten to lock the door. Then I heard my husband say to my daughter, "Ok, go climb in bed. See you in the morning."

Wha...? I thought, with relief that it wasn't a criminal but also feeling disoriented and confused, thinking, They're not supposed to be home yet! I turned on the bedroom light and walked out into the living room and sure enough, there's my husband carrying in a suitcase.

"You're home?" I said.

"Yes," he said. "We decided we just wanted to come home a little early."

"Are you sure I'm not dreaming?" I asked.

"Absolutely," he said. "I'm here for real."

"Well, welcome home, hon!" I said, smiling, and moved toward him to hug and kiss him.

. . .

And then I really woke up, still in bed alone, lights out, front door still closed and locked, no one but me and my son in the whole house, and I realized that I had in fact been dreaming.

* * *

Yesterday evening my husband called. He said they have decided to come home a day early. They should be arriving around 1:00 a.m. tonight (in about an hour).

I am not going to sleep until they get here. I don't want to have to wonder whether I'm dreaming when he and my daughter arrive! (I also can't wait to see them!!)


Fancy Schmancy said...

How bizarre, it's like you willed them home to you!

SkylersDad said...

That is an odd dream, maybe it is premonition, or alternate dimensional time travel, or... or...

Probably just a dream.

Raine said...

How lousy that you were just dreaming

Whiskeymarie said...

Dreams like that usually throw me off for days.

Vodka Mom said...

that was weird!!!!!

but I know what you mean about cutting YOUR vacation short!!!

Bella said...

That is a weird dream. I hope you guys are reunited soon! btw, I love your new look over here!