Monday, July 20, 2009

My First Fishing Lesson

When I was a kid, probably about eight years old, maybe younger, my Grandfather (yes, the one who died in May) took me fishing. My Grandpa loved to fish, and wanted to instill in me that same love of fishing.

I was young, so I don't know exactly where we went, but it was beautiful. We drove a long way from my Grandpa's house, out to where the roads were curvy and the trees were tall. We carried the fishing gear from the car to a curvy, wide, meandering stream. There were tall green trees, beautiful green grassy areas, nice benches to sit on, and occasional bridges across the stream.

My Grandpa showed me how to attach the bobber to the line, and the hook.

My Grandpa showed me how to put the bait on the hook, and then he let me try it for myself.

He showed me how to cast the line out into the water, and encouraged me as I practiced until I could do it well.

He told me how to watch the bobber and feel the line to determine when a fish was nibbling.

He showed me how to "set" the hook when the fish nibbled, and how to reel them in.

And reel them in I did! I caught 3 good-size fish that day! My Grandpa proclaimed that I was the youngest expert fisherwoman in the entire state! He was so proud of me.

When we got home, he proudly told my Grandma and uncles what a great job I had done fishing -- and catching, which we all know is the hard part. (After all, anyone can go fishing, but not everyone actually catches anything!) We had delicious fresh fish for dinner that evening, and my grandpa once again proudly proclaimed that it was "thanks to my fine Granddaughter's expert fishing skills and my beautiful wife's wonderful cooking skills" that we were eating so well that evening. (He really knew how to pour on the praise).

A week or so later when I returned home from my Grandma and Grandpa's house, I told my Dad about how Grandpa had taken me fishing and that I caught 3 big fish. He was impressed and asked, "Where'd you go?" I thought he probably wanted to go there himself, as he loved fishing, too.

I said I didn't know exactly, but it was beautiful, and I described it for him.


"Oh, the trout farm, huh?" he said.....

So much for my "expert" fish-catching skills.


But you know what? To this day I remember the fishing lesson, the fun we had, and my grandpa's real pride in me. Even my Dad's cynical response a week later couldn't take that away.


Fancy Schmancy said...

Just cause it was a trout farm doesn't mean they were an easy catch! What a wonderful memory for you to have of your grandpa!

Raine said...

I still probably couldnt catch anything! :D

Mr. Condescending said...

super nice story! I first went fishing with my grandpa and I caught a fish called a 'crappie'.