Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LMK's Art

My daughter loves art. She has always loved to draw, color, paint ... create. She is not a child prodigy in the sense of being able to paint perfect representations of things at the age of 5. But she has a good eye for proportion, design, and detail.

For example, at age 8, I would never have thought to draw highlights in a dog's eye, but she did. Heck, when she was 3, she was putting eyebrows on her line-figure drawings to show various expressions -- anger, surprise, happiness.... When she was in first grade, she drew a picture of me (stick figure in a dress) in front of a wood-framed stand-up mirror. How do I know it was wood, not metal or plastic, around the mirror? Because she drew the wood grain, and it looked realistic! And she got the angle on the reflection just right, too. So even though she hadn't developed her people-drawing talents yet, I thought (still think) the picture itself was amazing, coming, as it did, from a 6 year old. When she was in second grade, she was one of six kids in her school selected to have her art (a butterfly collage) hang in the School District Office, along with art created by 6 kids from each other school in the district. So she's no Michaelangelo (not yet, anyway), but she's pretty good for a kid.

My Mom suggested I start an online gallery of her art, and also said she wanted to buy a fridge magnet and some note cards, if I would just make it possible. So I uploaded one of my Mom's favorite pieces of my daughter's art (a purple butterfly) onto and used it to create some items for sale online -- a mug, thank you cards, fridge magnets, stickers, keychains, mouse pads, apron.... even postage stamps. They have a lot of things you can make on Zazzle. Here is a sample thank you card:

Dr. Zibbs has some items available on Zazzle, too, including this coffee mug:

so if your taste runs to Blue Yaks instead of kid art, you should check out the "That Blue Yak" line of goods on Zazzle. You're welcome, Dr. Zibbs. (He didn't even ask me to do this promo; I'm just nice that way).

My daughter then brought me another piece of art she made and asked if I'd put that up on the site, too. So I did. The second one is not my favorite, but it's cute -- a puppy dog with angular-looking ears. Here is a sample "awesome" sticker:

So now we have a whopping two designs in the gallery. I am still working on editing them -- for example, some of them need a little work re: centering the design on the product, or revising the color scheme. My Mom says I should add my daughter's initials and date to each piece, as well as the web address for the gallery in case anyone sees the mousepad or thank you card or whatever, and wants to buy one.

I am thinking no one but family will actually buy anything, and they will know who made the stuff and won't want the* web address on the art.

What do you think? Should I dream big on behalf of my daughter and assume that strangers may see and love her art work and therefore may want to know where to buy it? Or would the addition of the web address to the products take away from the overall design?


Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Candy's daily Dandy said... raise an interesting point. I assume if the website is protected, annonymous and discreet-I really see no problem offering her art work for sale to others who see it inclding family members.

I think the key here is to treat it like it's no big deal. More of a fun thing so she does not get her hopes up and expectations. That way any sales at all are a bonus!!!

I really like the butterfly thank yous!!! They are beautiful.

Bella@That damn expat said...

I love it! Both how talented your daughter is and how you encourage it.

I have no advice to give you. Maybe have them printed locally and advertise on etsy?

Nan said...

I'd keep the website info out of the design. If someone actually sees a physical example that someone else bought they can always ask that person where he or she got it.

BTW, I just tagged you with a random photography meme.

Fancy Schmancy said...

I love the purple butterfly. I would keep the website off the artwork. And post more of her work. Wonderful stuff.

Green said...

Oh, I say DEFINITELY dream big. If I had money I'd totally buy one of these for my friend's daughter who is almost six and an artist herself. I think she'd get a kick out of getting something "real" that another kid had made.

Jenners said...

That purple butterfly one is beautiful! I would have never guessed it was made by a kid! I think you should dream big and put it on there ... what could it hurt? I would love to see more of her stuff. She seems to have a gift ... and I'm not just saying that!

LegalMist said...

Thanks to all for your thoughts and comments. I have decided to add her initials, year, and/or the web site info. to the pieces where I feel it won't detract from the design (on the back of the cards and on the mousepads, for example, but not on the stickers or aprons). Of course, on the Zazzle site, people can customize the pieces, so they could take out the text if they don't like it.

I'll be posting more of her stuff on Zazzle as soon as I find time. So check back on the* gallery in a couple of weeks if you want to see more.

Meanwhile, my mom bought a mousepad, so she made a few bucks, and she is thrilled!