Friday, January 16, 2009

My Prediction - Cardinals vs. Eagles

(Photo by Texas Mustang on Flickr; used under a Creative Commons attribution license)

The Arizona Cardinals are in the playoffs. Not only that, but they are doing well in the playoffs. They are doing so well, they are scheduled to play the Philadelphia Eagles (Dr. Zibbs' favorite team) in the Conference Championship on Sunday here at home!! They have a real shot at competing in the Superbowl.

(I can't believe I got to write that!)
Long ago, back in the mid-1990's, my husband and I had season tickets to the Cardinals. For years after that, I ran the football pool at work and watched the Cardinals obsessively every weekend. But this year, for the first time in many years, I have completely ignored the NFL season. Until the playoffs. When suddenly (well, not really "suddenly" -- they've worked on it all year; it's just that I suddenly noticed how well they are doing), my team is in the running for the SuperBowl!

All I can say is, "wow."

The sensation is a little like watching your kids grow up. When did she become so self-confident? you ask yourself, when you notice - really notice - how she handles herself at school this year. When did he develop such compassion?...

I want to know: When did the hapless, hopeless team I've known (and loved / hated for years) suddenly become playoff material? When did the Cardinals learn to play real football?

I am somewhat annoyed that the Cardinals couldn't manage this playoff thing 15 years ago, back when I did not have kids and therefore had time and money for season tickets and might have finagled tickets to a playoff game. But oh no, back when I had season tickets, the Cardinals were the laughingstock of the NFL and the stands were routinely only half filled -- and with the other team's fans.
...Except for one crazy fellow who sat in our section and showed up for every game dressed and painted head to toe like a Cardinal, complete with fake beak and feathers. His enthusiasm carried the whole section. He cheered loudly and shouted obnoxiously at the opposing team's players, and his enthusiasm, volume, and obnoxiousness remained constant no matter how soundly the Cardinals were defeated. He just liked to cheer for his team. I miss that guy. I hope he will get to be there this weekend.

Here is my prediction for the Championship Game on Sunday:

Cardinals 34
Eagles 27

This prediction is based on a complex formula involving statistical analysis of each team's scoring to date, weather patterns in the Pacific, and astrological effects, with just barely a dash of wishful thinking thrown in.

I am wondering whether Dr. Zibbs agrees with my complex statistical analysis and prediction? I think he should buy me a beer if I am right. What do you think?


Bella@That damn expat said...

I never got completely into football, or as like to call it "the other football" (soccer is football to me). But my husband is a huge Steelers fan. Enough said. We will be rooting for the Cardinals.

Dr Zibbs said...

I'll be making my prediction right before the game.

Peggy said...

Go Cardinals ...all the way baby!

Dave said...

Wow. Pretty high scoring prediction. Not sure if both teams will muster that much offense.
Don't the Cardinals play in St Louis?
Canadians love the NFL as well as our beloved curling and cross country tree hunting.


LegalMist said...

Actually, I picked the high scores 'cause I wasn't sure either team would muster much *defense* either.... and, as noted, based on the scores of their past games. :)

John said...

Damn good prediction. : )

If I sent you some stats, think you could accurately predict 2009 for me? ; )