Sunday, November 1, 2009

Contest Winners

I promised to announce winners of the contest / giveaway on Halloween, but I was too busy, so I'm doing it today instead.

The tag line contest was tough - there were several very good entries! Nevertheless, decisions must be made, so, without further ado....

The first place winner of the tag line contest is Sillyak, with his entry, "I be a lawyer, you be the judge."

I like it! It accurately sums up what goes on with blogging, as in "I am me and I write what I write, and you get to judge whether you think it's any good and whether you want to come back for more," while adding that nice legal twist on things with the whole lawyer / judge dichotomy.

Second place goes to Sklyer's Dad, with his entry, "A lawyer you will swear by, not at."

I very much appreciate the sentiment, SkyDad, and it is a goal - to have people "swear by" my words instead of swearing at me. But I've had too many people swear at me recently to adopt it as my slogan...

Third place in the tag line contest goes to Jane, over at Gaston Studio, for her entry, ". . . for a spray of reality."

I like the reference to the "Mist" part of the blog title. I originally intended the "Mist" to refer to the fact that I'm somewhat anonymous - you know, shrouded in a Mist or some such poetic nonsense - as well as the idea that many things in the law, as in life, are less than perfectly clear. But I like the idea of expanding that concept to incorporate new layers of meaning - a more deliberate Mist, if you will.

As I said, it was a tough choice. Who knows? I may use one for a while, then use another later, when I get tired of the first one!

Thanks to all who entered!

Sillyak, you have three days to send me an email (to my Legalmist at gmail account) with your shipping information, and then sometime soon I will drag my lazy butt down to the post office and mail your chocolates and mints!

Happily for me, no one entered the giveaway portion of the contest, so I get to eat those chocolates myself, guilt-free!


SkylersDad said...

Like Avis, I am proud to be #2! Thanks a lot for holding the contest, it was fun.

Silliyak said...

Thanks, I'm honored, but I don't need the chocolate. If I'm worthy, I'd just be proud to be on your "Blog Friends" list. I could use some visitors.

LegalMist said...

Sillyak: are you sure? You don't have to eat the chocolates. You could play poker with them.

SkyDad, if Sillyak seriously bows out, they are yours!

Silliyak said...

I was just looking at Skydad's blog, he needs them more than me. (And thanks for the listing)

Gaston Studio said...

OMG, I won something! I found a quarter in a parking lot over the weekend... my luck is obviously looking up for a change.