Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Reprise

So last night the kids were gone - one at her friend's house, the other at his grandma's house.

As I mentioned, I was exhausted and emotionally drained. And frankly, my husband and I had been having a rough time lately - miscommunicating a lot and being snippy with each other. I really just wasn't in the mood to celebrate. Heck, our anniversary was actually a few days before, and neither of us had been in the mood to celebrate so we had already put it off until yesterday. Not exactly a recipe for a great anniversary celebration, is it?

But we talked a little, and got past the snippiness and miscommunications, and then my wonderful husband, who has so many awesome qualities including being a fantastic cook, made dinner.

Then he installed new baseboards in the dining room while I dozed off and on and did some work. (Did I mention he has many awesome qualities?)

Then we rearranged the furniture in the dining room.

Then we just hung out together for a while and drank a couple of glasses of wine and ... had a nice evening.

We'll celebrate in style later, when I'm not exhausted and emotionally drained and he's not feeling sad and ignored by his exhausted, emotionally drained wife. Next weekend has possibilities.

But I must say, last night accomplished, for me, what I think is the main purpose of recognizing an anniversary: to remember and celebrate the reasons why you married this particular person.

He's a great guy, with many awesome qualities, and I love him.

We've been married for 12 years so far. I'm hoping for many, many more.


Gaston Studio said...

This is just wonderful! Recognizing that neither of you are in the mood to have sex, but need to clear the air and accomplish everyday stuff! Love it!

Adriana said...

Sometimes just going through the motions (having a nice dinner without the kids) is enough to get you past all of the other stuff that is always going on. Happy anniversary!

Quilter422 said...

YEAH! for a good evening after all, and reconnecting. And has it been 12 years already? Seems like yesterday I was at that wedding...

Kristen said...

Well my goodness, with the kind of Saturday you had, it's amazing that you were able to muster any strength to celebrate at all. I am so sorry to hear about your cat :(

It sounds like you acknowledged your anniversary in the best way possible this year. There will be other, better ones.

LOLA said...

I was married for almost 31 years. I no longer believe in love or marriage. My current series of poems that I'm working on starts with one titled A Is For Abuse. Good luck.