Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Feature - The Verdant Dude (formerly known as the Bug-Eyed Blog...)

We interrupt the "Poppin' Fresh" story in progress to bring you another installment of the acclaimed "Friday Feature" series here on LegalMist.

Most or all of you know B.E. Earl and his blog, "The Verdant Dude" (formerly known as "The Bug-Eyed Blog"). But if you haven't met him yet, you should.

B.E. Earl does a lot of movie reviews, which I enjoy since they are almost always movies I haven't seen. I like reading his "take" on them. For example, I generally don't like horror films at all, but B.E. Earl makes them sound interesting, so it's fun to read about them. I've gained a new appreciation for what it is that some folks like about them, even though I still have no desire to see most of them. Does that make sense? Yeah, maybe I'm just strange.

He also reviews restaurants, beer, concerts, and other fun stuff, interspersed with interesting videos, funny items found around the web, sports commentary, and stories about his cats, among other recent topics. He has an awesome tatoo. And he's so in love with his gal Gia, you can just feel it in the posts when he writes about her, but without being sickly sweet or annoying about it. I like that about him.

This week, he's had some thoughtful / philosophical posts that I've really enjoyed (here and here), about whether it is possible to separate the artist from the art. If an artist does something heinous or holds a political view that you dislike intensely, is it possible to still love his or her art? Should you refrain from enjoying the art based on the principle of not supporting the awful actions or views of the artist? I enjoyed reading the posts and commenting, and then reading what other bloggers had to say in the comments, too.

B.E. Earl uses some off-color language sometimes, and very occasionally posts some material that, depending on your boss, may not be safe for work, but it's pretty rare.

And B.E. Earl also hosts a daily trivia challenge, with daily winners and monthly champs. I'm pretty crappy at most of his topics, but it's fun to play along.

He posts every day, or close to it, and so this month he is officially my hero (along with That Blue Yak, who also posts nearly every day and sometimes twice a day).

If you haven't yet read B.E. Earl's blog, The Verdant Dude, go now and check it out.

Just make sure you don't beat me in the trivia challenge, or I'll be sorry I invited you to the party...

Happy Friday, my competitive friends, happy Friday!


B.E. Earl said...

Sounds like an interesting blog. I'll have to check it out! ;)

Raine said...

following - thanks again!

LegalMist said...

B.E. Earl - It's one of the best, my friend, one of the best.

Raine - I'm glad you're enjoying my series of Friday Features. You have to be careful, though, or you'll end up like me, following way too many awesome blogs and unable to give proper attention to each one of them....